In der


In der Wand®

The notation “In der Wand” is going back to a donation of the parish of Dürnstein in the year 1314 and describes three parcels in the site of so called Kummersthal, situated west of Dürnstein, but is not registered as single vineyard. Accessible only on foot via some 100 stone steps this handworked steep sloped terraced site is unique and yields extreme temperature differences between day and night caused by its western orientation. This facts combined with a high amount of Orthogneiss and the shallow topsoil allows this site to yield extremely minerally and long-lasting wines.

Winegrowing region: Wachau
Village: Dürnstein
Grape variety: Riesling
Direction: W
Sea level: 205 – 240m
Gradient: up to 100%
Size: 0,8ha