First mentioned in 1373, this sub-site within the Loibenberg, Ried* Rothenberg is a synonym for finest quality. Already determined by its position in the most exposed spot in the heart of the Loibenberg, wines of exceptional minerally are originated from there. The grapes are drying off more quickly and the must because of the high percentage of Gneiss is particularly concentrated, hence the acidity is higher. Regularly we keep the wine therefore with a higher natural residual sugar, which donates him almost eternal life. Produced in selected vintages only.

Winegrowing region: Wachau
Village: Unterloiben
Grape variety: Riesling
Direction: S
Sea level: 260 – 320m
Gradient: up to 63%
Size: 2,65 ha

* Ried is the traditional Austrian nomination of a single vineyard.