and respect

„MAKING Great WINES IS ACTUALLY VERY SIMPLE. which is perhaps why it happens so rarely!?“

We make wines from best grapes planted in exceptional sites. It requires both passion and respect to bring the pure results to bottle, but not any particularly complicated technology. With this maxim in mind, we hope, sometimes, to draw close to making great wines.

Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler and Erich Krutzler, both viticulture-raised in their families – she in the Wachau and he in South-Burgenland. They so to say have been born into wine tradition.

A winery, started anno 2007, was the logical and natural consequence of their marriage. In the village of Oberloiben nearby quaint town of Dürnstein annually a variety of different wines on about 13 ha area of vines are crafted using the varieties Grüner Veltliner and Riesling on famous sites like Klostersatz, Supperin, Loibenberg, Kellerberg or Pfaffenberg.

Nestled in the unique landscape of the river Danube these sites, cultivated sustainably wiht respect for nature, yield wines reflecting each sublime terroir by all means – not due to quick enjoyment, but demanding regard and passion.

In cellar our wines are not made or even made up, but we permit them to arise. As results wines are distinctive with soul and strong character showing authentically what nature says. They are not following the crowd.