Situated right behind the eponymous Dürnsteiner Kellerschlössl the Ried Kellerberg plainly is the paragon for a top single vineyard in the Wachau. Vines are growing on mainly south-eastern exposed handcrafted terraces made of natural stones and soils of Gföhler gneiss with feldspar, quartz and weathered primary rock and Paragneiss in certain places – on the bottom we find Loess sediments too. The long vegetation period caused by the cold airstreams from the so-called Flickental during the night is ensuring a very late harvest. Just these special microclimatic features generate wines combining refinement and power in a matchless kind. Only one can…

Winegrowing region: Wachau
Village: Dürnstein
Grape variety: Riesling, Grüner Veltliner
Direction: SO – S
Sea level: 215 – 335m
Gradient: up to 65%
Size: 11,93 ha